Donna Mills

Most of y’all know that I am an “It Works Skinny Wraps” Double Diamond DIstributor. My why was initially to make an extra 500$ a month to help pay for the many car payments. With 5 kids and 3 in college - we were broke! We were way over our heads in debt! I was also really burned out and not at all happy with my job. Working as an RN-nights, weekends, and nearly every holiday was wearing me down. I missed so much while my kids were growing up and so wished I had found It Works while they were younger. I am one happy grandma now and get to spend quality time with my sweet grandson. Owning my own time- priceless. I love not having to commute for hours on icy roads, after a 14 hour shift! My why has changed a lot in the last 2 years. I want this so bad for my team! I want to help them achieve their Goals and Dreams! I soooooo want to see them succeed! My 2 year goal is to rewire (retire) my hubby so that we can share this journey together! #changelives #leavealegacy #dreambig 😘Ready to start your journey today?  Shop Now

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